Family Porträt

I am writing this blog on this domain for half a year by now. I guess it is time to show you my face. Apart from that, what else could one do than taking family pictures when the weather is grey as it is today on a holiday? However, this is what we did and now I want to let you sneak into our family album:


Me and the three baby unicorns. Right you are, the pose is covered from Game of Thrones – Mother of Unicorns is going to get the power!


And here is the whole family. Unicornzilla has grown to be a real riding animal. The melancholic Ina suffers a bit at the moment, because her pores have grown a little since she reached puberty. It makes her quite shy… Well, and the little ones are typical babys: They are playful, naive and very photogenic.


The whole family wishes you wonderful easter holidays!

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