Amigurumi Crochet Häkelprojekte

Medusa und Pegasus in the Amigurumi Design Contest

Dear Crochetlovers,

today, I want to ask you for a favour. I am taking part in the annual Amigurumi Design Contest by this year for the first time. It took me weeks to design my submission and many, many evenings to realize it. Today, I proudly present to you Medusa and Baby Pegasus:

Normally, Medusa is a rather cool kind of girl, but sometimes she just looses her temper. The snakes she carries on her head instead of hair awake and no one in her surrounding is safe anymore. Whoever looks at her in such a situation will turn into stone. It was in such a moment that little baby Pegasus was born from her neck. The moment she set eyes on the little creature, her heart was melting, her head went back where it should be and the snakes on her head cuddled back into place. From that moment on the two of them are inseparable.

Now these two need your help. Together with 425 other amigurumi monsters they take part in the design contest. It would be their dream come true to win. But the other monsters really are beautiful, scary, sweet and outstanding, too. So we need every vote we could possibly get. You can submit your vote here. The three of us thank you for our support!



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