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How to crochet a very tiny fire truck (e.g. as keychain)

I don’t exactly know why, but I developed quite a passion for crocheting cars and especially fire trucks. Crocheted toy cars are just so cuddly and sweet. And the one I want to share with you today is especially cute, because it is so tiny. It is ideal for you to get rid of some bits and pieces of yarn, it’s quickly made and it turns out to be the perfect gift for small and grown out fire fighters. So, what are we waiting for? Lets got and crochet a fire truck!

You need

Les s than 1 skein of red yarn

bits and pieces of blue, light blue, yello and grey yarn

hook, which is slightly too small for your yarn (I use 2,0 when 3,0 is recommended)

soft filling


ch = chain

dec = decrease

inc = increase

sc = single crochet

sl = sling stitch

bpsc = back post single crochet


In blue:

  1. R: 4 sc into magic ring
  2. R: 4 sc
  3. R: 4 sc

in red:

  1. R: 4 inc (8 sc)
  2. R: [sc inc] 4x (12 sc)
  3. R: [2 sc inc] 4x (16 sc)
  4. R: 16 bpsc
  5. R: 16 sc
  6. R: 16 sc
  7. R: 16 sc
  8. R: 16 sc
  9. Row (we will now do a small part in rows): 5 sc, ch, turn
  10. row: 5 sc, LM, turn
  11. row: 5 sc, LM, turn
  12. row: 5 sc, LM, turn
  13. row: 5 sc, LM, turn
  14. row: 5 sc, LM, turn
  15. row: 5 sc, LM, turn
  16. round (we will now change back to rounds): 5sc, then 10 sc along the side towards the front, 5 sc at the front, then 10 sc at the side (30 sc)
  17. R: 30 sc
  18. R: 30 sc
  19. R: 30 sc
  20. R: 30 sc
  21. R: 30 sc
  22. R: sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 8 sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 7 sc (26 sc)
  23. dec, sc, dec, 8 sc, dec, sc, dec, 8 sc (22 sc)

Cut yarn, stuff fire truck and sew it up.

Wheels (4 x)

  1. R: 6 sc into magic ring, sl

Cut yarn and sew the wheel to the side of your truck with it. Then do the other 3 wheels in the same way.


Start at the corner between the back part and the front part and do

  1. row: 1crochet 5 sc directly to the front of the truck, where the window should be, ch, turn
  2. – 4. row: 15 sc, ch, turn

Cut yarn and sew the three loose sides to your truck with it.


Crochet 3 ch and fasten them with one sl to the upper right corner of the backpart of your truck. Then do another 7 ch and fasten them with 1 sl to the upper right back corner of the front of your truck. Do 2 ch. Do 1 sl into the 2nd ch from hook. Do 3 ch and fasten them with 1 sl to the upper left back corner of the front part of your truck. Do 2ch. Crochet 1 dc into the 5th ch counting back from hook. You should have a done a first small square, now. Do 2 ch again, then do 1 dc (skip 2 chains on the opposite side), 2 ch, 1 dc (skip 2 chains on the opposite side). Fasten with 1 sl at the back left corner of the truck. Do 3 ch, cut yarn and weave in the ends.


Crochet one row of sl to the front and the back of your truck. Start and end, where your front wheels end for the front bumper and start and end, where your back wheels end for the backside bumper. Use grey or black yarn for them.

Front and back lights

Embroider two round yellow lights at the front of your truck and two yellow or orange rectangular small backlights at the backside of your truck.

Ready you are with your tiny little fire truck!

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