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Another Unicorn Keychain Crochet Pattern

Unbekannt(14)After trying my unicorn crochet pattern with larger hook and heavier yarn, I was curious what would happen when I went into the other direction. I have read some blogpost on microcrocheting lately and – although I think I could never go into the extreme here – I wanted to try a bit of it myself. So I bought what I find is a tiny hook (size 0.75) and some very thin crochet yarn. Out came a fancy little unicorn lady which has the perfect keychain size. However, I did have to adjust the pattern a bit and I admit that some of the smaller parts are a bit tricky, but if you want to try out a bit of mini crochet work, this could be a good starting project.

You will need:

Hook size 0.75
Crochet yarn in two contrasting colours, some white yarn and bits and pieces of yarn in all colours of the rainbow.

Start with doing head, body and legs exactly as shown in this pattern, then come back here and do

Ears (2x)


1. Round: Crochet 8 sc in a square directly to the head
2. Round: 8 sc
3. Round 8 sc
4. Round: [sc 2, dec] 2x
5. Round: 6 sc
6. Round: dec 3

Cut yarn and sew up the endUnbekannt(13)

Then sew the ears onto the head left and right behind the horn.

Do hair as shown in this pattern but DO NOT sew up the ends of the mane. Instead take the first 3 yarn ends (those closest to the neck) and start weaving them. Weave in the other ends until you have reached the top of the head. Then weave on until the braid is long enough to be laid in front of the ear. Next crochet the little flower as follows:

Do 6 hdc tuft stitches (with 3 hdc each) and ch 3 between each of them into a magic ring.

Sew up one end and use the other to sew flower to the head thus covering the knot of the braid.

If you want to make it a keychain, follow further instructions in this pattern.

You made it!Unbekannt(12)








You may sell any product made with the help of this pattern, but please don’t copy and share it. You may of course link it to your blog or social media. When selling products you made from it or linking it, please name this blog as source. Apart from that, I will be more than happy to see your results on my facebook-page,or if you tag me (@Flausch_Einhorn) on Twitter or Instagram.

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