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Free Crochet Pattern: Sherlock Holmes Hat for Babys

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As I am a huge fan of the BBC series Sherlock, I desperately wanted to crochet a Sherlock Holmes hat for my baby boy as a christmas present. Thank heaven that there is Pinterest I thought and quickly looked up what I thought to be a couple of patterns. But actually they were either payed patterns or linked to one same URL which was no longer accessable. So in the end I had no choice but designing my own pattern which I would like to share with you today. This gave me the chance to change a few things so that it becomes more suitable and practical for a baby. For example, I added no brim at the back, because I think it is more comfortable for lying on it without. The ear part is rather small, because I guess my son is not the only baby who does not especially love to habe something put over his ears and face.  I admid that now it has become a rather free interpretation of the British deersucker hat, but I hope you’ll like it anyway:

For babies from 3-6 months you’ll need:

100g of mercerised brown or grey cotton dk yarn. I used drops muskat, which is 100m on 50g.

Crochet hook no. 4

You work in spirals


Sc = single crochet
Sl = sling stitch
dc = double crochet
Hdc = half double crochet
Fphdc = front post half double crochet

Inc = increase

1. Rd: 8 hdc into a magic ring
2. Rd: [fphdc, inc] 4x (12 hdc)
3. Rd: [fphdc, inc., inc.] 4x (20 hdc]
4. Rd: [fphdc, inc, inc., inc] 4x (28)
5. Rd: [fphdc, inc, hdc, inc., hdc, inc] 4x (36)
6. Rd: [fphdc, inc, 2 hdc, inc., 2 hdc, inc] 4x (44)
7. Rd: [fphdc, inc, 3 hdc, inc., 3 hdc, inc] 4x (52)
8. Rd: [fphdc, inc, 4 hdc, inc., 4 hdc, inc] 4x (60)
9. -19. Rd: [fphdc, 6 hdc, inc., 6 hdc] 4x (60)

20. Rd: fphdc, [inc dc, dc] 6x, inc dc, fphdc, sl (22)
21. Reihe: Sl, sc, hdc, 16 dc, hdc, sc, sl

Cut yarn and sew up the end

For the ear cover start at the back fphdc as follows:

1. Row: sl, sc, 10 hdc, sc, sl
2. Row: sl, sc, 8 hdc, sc, sl
3. Row: sl, sc, 6 hdc, sc, sl
4. Row: sl, sc, 4 hdc, sc, sl

Cut yarn and sew up the ends

Crochet 1 row of sc around the whole hat to get a nice and clean ending.

Have fun crocheting!

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  1. […] mum thinks her baby is groing incredibly fast. But, in my case this is actually really true and the Sherlock Holmes style hat I crocheted for him for Christmas is already too small. So I restarted crocheting a bigger hat. […]

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