DIY: How to crochet a baby rudolph-the-reindeer amigurumi

Somehow it became a tradition that I post a last minute tutorial shortly before a holiday. So today it is a small Rudolph, which you can make just in time for Christmas if you start quickly. But this is not only a tutorial, this is also my submission for a charity project by For each diy-blogpost linking to their project page they donate for the DKMS, an organization fighting cancer. But let’s get crocheting!

DIY: How to crochet an axolotl amigurumi

One of my subscribers on YouTube asked me to design an Axolotl amigurumi. Now that I finished it I really wonder why I did not come up with this idea myself. These creatures are so cute and I have had such fun coming up with a pattern. So today I want to share this cutie with you. Hope it brings you as much fun as I had with it.

CAL: How to crochet a dragon part 8 – wings

In the picture you see on the left they aren’t even there, but of course there is no real dragon without wings. So today I show you how to crochet a pair of nice and large wings for your toothless. You can fasten them in two ways. Either you crochet them directly to the body or you sew them on when finished. In this case you can choose absolutely freely, because the wings are quite huge and not stuffed with any filling, they cannot cause any harm to children when the become loose. But lets stop talking and start crocheting:

CAL: How to crochet a dragon part 6 – the legs

Today, I want to show you how to crochet the legs for your toothless amigurumi. You can do them in three ways. You can either fasten them with safety joints or sew them onto the body or you can crochet them directly to the body. If you want to do the latter, you will have to use a slightly different pattern, which I give you at the end of this post. But let’s start with the first two possibilities:

CAL: Black Dragon Amigurumi part 4 – the body

Today, we go on with our black dragon CAL. As there are some choices to make, I have to explain some things before we go on with the body. You can either use safety joints for arms and legs or sew them on our crochet them onto the body directly. If you choose one of the two latter, there will be nothing to be aware of, so you may skip this and crochet on directly. But if you want to use safety joints you’ll have to leave the body open so you can insert the joints after having done arms …