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CAL: Black Dragon Amigurumi part 4 – the body

Today, we go on with our black dragon CAL. As there are some choices to make, I have to explain some things before we go on with the body. You can either use safety joints for arms and legs or sew them on our crochet them onto the body directly. If you choose one of the two latter, there will be nothing to be aware of, so you may skip this and crochet on directly. But if you want to use safety joints you’ll have to leave the body open so you can insert the joints after having done arms and legs. So just stop and pause after round 26 and do not stuff the body. Go on with doing arms and legs and then I will explain how to join them to the body.

If you are new to this CAL, you find the first part of it here.

Have fun crocheting!


1. R: Crochet 32 sc directly to the head. Start counting from the lower fin on the right side of the head. Count 4 rounds down towards the back of the head and 2 stitches to the right from there. Crochet 8 sc to the left, then turn your work by 90 degrees and crochet 8 sc towards the front. Turn your work by 90 degrees again, crochet 8 sc to the side, turn your work once again and crochet 8 sc towards the back. You should meet your first stitch with the last one.

2. R: 32 sc

3. R: [6 sc, dec] 4x (28 sc)

4. R: [5 sc, dec] 4x (24 sc)

5. – 6. R: 24 sc

7. R: [3 sc, inc] 6x (30 sc)

8. – 23. R: 30 sc

24. R: [3sc, dec] 6x (24 sc)

25. R: [2sc, dec] 6x (18 sc)


26. R: [sc, dec] 6x (12 sc)

Stuff again

27. R: 6 dec

Cut yarn and sew up the end.

Have fun crocheting!

In the next part of this CAL, I show you how to do the arms of your dragon.

You may sell any product made with the help of this pattern, but please don’t copy and share it. You may of course link it to your blog or social media. When selling products you made from it or linking it, please name this blog as source. Apart from that, I will be more than happy to see your results on my facebook-page,or if you tag me (@Flausch_Einhorn) on Twitter or Instagram.

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