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Foto-Tutorial: Audrey Hepburn Hairstyle for (Crochet-) Dolls

There are moments in life, when you think you will never, ever do again what you are doing right now. And just a few days later you find yourself in exactly the same situation. Well, for me, doing an Audrey Hepburn hairstyle for a crochet doll was just such a situation. And now, I did it again. But the good news about it is, that this time, I managed to do it in a simpler way. This is why I am ready to share this experience with you. I hope this foto-tutorial will let you enjoy doing the Holly Golightly bun.

You’ll need:

50g mercerized Cotton in brown (e.g. Mille Fili)

bits of white mercerized Cotton

small white button



Hook depending on the size of the doll (for a 35cm doll, I took a 4.5 Hook size)

a bit of patience

Before doing the hairstyle you should crochet:

A wig cap:

  1. R: 7 hdc into magic ring
  2. R: 7 inc (14 hdc)
  3. R: [sc, inc] 7x (21 hdc)
  4. R: [2sc, inc] 7x (28 hdc)
  5. R: [3sc, inc] 7x (35 hdc)
  6. – 11. R: 35 hdc

Cut yarn and sew up the ends

brown hairband:

  1. R: 20 ch, sl into the first ch
  2. – 6. R: 2ch, sc around

Cut yarn and sew up the ends

white hairband:

  1. R: 36 ch
  2. R: 33 dc from 4th stitch
  3. R: ch, 14 sc, sk, 5  dc into the next stich, sk, 15sc

Cut yarn and sew up the ends, sew button to one end

Now you can start with the actual work:


Tipp: I like to do one row of hair before sewing the wip cap to the head. You can also do all of the hair first or sew the cap to the head before starting the hair. I think it’s best if you try what suits your workflow.

Ty the hair to the wig cap as follows: Cut about 20cm long pieces of brown cotton. Knot one strand into each crochet stitch in the first row as you see in picture 2. For doing so you pull a loop through the top loops of the stitch. Then you pull the ends through that loop and thus fasten the strand. Knot one strand to each stitch in the second row, too (this time you do not work through the top loops but around the hdc). In the other rows you work one strand into each 3rd hdc. Knot 5-6 short strands to the front in order to form the fringe. In the end you comb through the hair. I always have to do that several times before the hair does not look straggly anymore (see picture 4).

Now you start doing the hairstyle:


Do a very high pony tail and fasten it with a bit of yarn. Leave out one skein on each side. Pull the queue through the brown crochet hairband as seen in picture 1. Ty a bit of yarn around the middle. Cut hair about 3 cm above the crochet hairband. Spread the hair into all directions as seen in picture 2. Fold down the crochet hairband and stuff the ends of the hair underneath the upper layer of the crochet hairband. As you can see in picture 3 this does not yet look very accurate. This is why I use a normal hairband to fasten the hair as you see in picture 4.


Put the white crochet hairband around the bun and button it up. Take one of the side skeins, comb it through and place it diagonal over the head as seen in picture 3. Put the ends under the white crochet hairband. Then do the same with the other skein (pics 2 and 4). At the end comb the fringe into form with a wet comb. Then wetten the whole hairstyle a bit. The wetted cotton can be retuned a bit when one end or another sticks out. Put it onto the heating to let it dry.



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