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Foto-Tutorial: Wig for crochet dolls inspire by Ariel the little mermaid

Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princesses. I don’t know if this is because the little mermaid was one of the first mobies I ever watched or because of that marvellous underwater world. Even today, knowing how immensely Disney changed the character of the danish dmfairy tale (which I love), I cannot help but like that … Redhead. Anyhow, I spend almost the hole August to design a doll resembling Ariel. As I think the hair is the most crucial part of the pattern, this is what I want to share with you first. Have fun!

You need:

red crochet yarn

crochet hook size 1.0

red mercerized cotton yarn



Wig Cap:

This is the count for ariel’s wig cap

Start with a magic ring and crochet 6 half double crochets (hdc) into it. In every following round increase 6 stitches alltogether. In the next round increase every stitch, then start adding one hdc in between the increases and add another hdc between the increases per round as shown in the picture above. Continue doing so until the wig cap covers the scope of the doll’s head. From now on crochet hdc in rounds straight down until the backside of your doll’s head is almost covered up, then do one round of single crochets, a slip stitch and cut your yarn end. Leave a long tail and sew the cap to the head with it.

Now continue as follows:

Start with the parting line at the side of the doll’s face and tie one strand of yarn around the hdc of the wig cap. In order to do so pull a yarn end (which reaches from the top of the head to the legs and back) through until you have a loop. Then pull the two yarn ends through that loop and fasten everything. Work a straight line to the middle of the head in this way tying one yarn end around each stitch on that line. Once done with that, do another line like this right next to the first one.

Ariels hair is one of her most special features. In this photo-tutorial I show you how you can adapt her style for your crochet doll.

Next work the hairline. On the upper half I recommend doing one yarn end around each stitch of the wig cap. When you have a really small doll, every second will also do, but always check wether the hairline comes out nicely. On the downside half it will be enough to do one strand of yarn into every second stitch (or, for small dolls even every third). Work into every second round only. Altogether it is important not to overdo it in any direction. Taking too many yarn ends will make the head too heavy. Not taking enough will make it look strange. In any case you can always take some strands of yarn out or add some in the end.

When you are done with the hairline cover up the head with hair. It will be enough when you tie one strand of hair in every 3-4 stitch of the cap on the upper half. On the downside you may even do one yarn end around every 4th or 5th stitch. In the end you should look out for ugly gaps and fill them up. But remember not to overdo it. Combing out the yarn will add a lot of density to your doll’s wig.

And this is exactly what you should do now. Comb through your dolls hair until all strings of yarn are nicely parted. This will take a while. I usually comb through the hair 2 – 3 times to make it look neatly.

Once done with that you can start doing the fringe. Now, this is the most typic part of Ariels hairstyle to me. Start combing from the middle of the head to the front in a nice curve, then comb from underneath to let it stand out. Afterwards use your fingertips to form it as you like it.

To give the hair the right length take it together at your doll’s back with a hairband or a strand of yarn. Cut the hair underneath and open it up again. Cut some outstanding wisps.

All done with your doll’s Ariel inspired hairstyle!

You find a video tutorial on this hairstyle here:

This kind of photo-tutorial is a new way of presenting a pattern for me. I would be thankful if you leave a comment when you liked it or a remark about what you’ve missed.

You may sell any product made with the help of this pattern, but please don’t copy and share it. You may of course link it to your blog or social media. When selling products you made from it or linking it, please name this blog as source. Apart from that, I will be more than happy to see your results on my facebook-page,or if you tag me (@Flausch_Einhorn) on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Natalia says:

    Большое спасибо!

  2. Really liked the Ariel hair video. You made it look easy to do! Only suggestion for future videos is to keeps the words on the screen a bit longer. I couldn’t read everything because it was gone too quickly.

    1. Flauscheinhorn says:

      Dear Luann, thanks a lot for your feedback. This is really precious for me, because I always asked myself wether I should put subtitles in shorter or longer (also because I thought, they sometimes overlay the pictures…). I will definitely keep them longer next time. All best to you!

  3. Gail says:

    Really lovely tutorial. You explained and showed the steps very clearly. Thank you.

  4. This is a very helpful video! Thank you for the detailed explanation! ♥️Lots of love from India!

  5. Não sei se me dia, farei… Mas, que é lindo é! Parabéns!!!!

    1. Flauscheinhorn says:

      Obrigada! 🙂

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