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Free Crochet Pattern: Superhero-Amigurumi insired by Antman

I just love the Marvel superheroes and one of my special favourites is Antman. You don’t know him? Well, go watch the movie, it’s hilarious. It’s not only a nice action moveie, but it is also quite funny, so I bet you’ll love it (and no, this is not a sponsored post but an absolutely not-paid-for opinion). I am sure, once you have watched that movie you will want to crochet your own Antman and then, here you go, you already have it on hand!

So, I hope you’ll like it as much as I do and here we go:

You need:

Yarn of your choice in grey, red and black

a slightly too small hook for your yarn’s weight

Soft filling

an embroidery needle


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

sl = sling stitch

inc = increase

dec = decrease

Ant Man


2. R: 6 sc into magic ring
2. R: 6 sc
3. R: [sc, inc] 3 x (9sc)
4. R: [2sc, inc] 3 x (12sc)
5. R: [sc, inc] 6 x (18sc)
6. R: [2 sc, inc] 6 x (24sc)
7. R: 3 sc, inc, sc, in red: 2 sc, inc, in grey: 3 sc, in red: inc, 2 sc, in grey: sc, inc, [3 sc, inc] another 2 x (30sc)
8. R: 4 sc, inc, 2 sc, in red: 3 sc, in grey sc into the same stitch as the last red sc, 5 sc, in red: sc into the same stitch as the last grey one, 2 sc, in grey: 2 sc, inc, [4 sc, inc] another2 x (36sc)
9. – 11. R: 36 sc
12. R: [4 sc, dec] 6 x (30sc)
13. – 14. R: 30 sc
15. R: 3 dec, 18 sc, 3 dec (24 sc)
16. – 17. R: 24 sc
18. R: [2sc, dec] 6 x (18 sc)
19. R: [sc, dec] 6 x (12 sc)
20. R: 6 dec (6 sc)


1. R: crochet 8 sc directly to the head forming a square. The 2 sc in front should lie between rounds 8 & 9
2. R: 8 sc
3. R: on each side do 2 inc, apart from that crochet around (12 sc)
4. R: 12 inc (24 sc)
5. – 14. R: 24 sc


15. R: 8 sc, sk 12, 4 sc (12 sc)
16. – 25. R: 12 sc
26. R: inc at the back and insert [inc hdc, 3 inc dc, inc hdc] at the front, apart from that sc around (18)
27. R: 18 sc
28. R: [sc, dec] 6 x (12 sc)
29. R: 6 dec

Cut yarn and sew up the end, then do the second leg in the same way.


1. R: crochet 8 sc directly to the side. Do 4 sc from back to front, then crochet 4 sc back into the same stitches
2. – 5. R: 8 sc
6. R: [2 sc, dec] 2 x (6 sc)
7. – 8. R: 6 sc
9. R. [sc, dec] 2 x (4 sc)
10. R: 4 inc (8sc)
11. R: at the front do a popcorn stitch with hdc, 2 dc, hdc, apart from that sc around (7 sc)
12. R: 7 sc
13. R: 3 dec

Cut yarn and sew up the end. Do the other arm in the same way.


1. R: 6 sc into magic ring with red yarn

2. R: 6 inc, sl with grey yarn

3. R: one round of sl with black yarn

Take back your grey yarn and do as many ch as you need to reach from the place were the headphone should be to the mouth part of the helmet, then fasten your chain with one sl to the mouthpart. Do one row of single crochets back and fasten with one sl to the headphone.

Choose one grey stitch on the exact opposite and pull your grey yarn loop through it. Start a chain with 5 stitches and do 4 sl back. Fasten of with another sl to the headphone, then cut yarn and sew up all ends. Sew the headphone to the side of the head.


To complete the helmet do 2-3 straight stitches from slightly over the eye up onto the head on each side.

Embroider the following pattern onto the chest

Then fill it up with straight stitches

Use straight stitches once again to do the shoulder part. Go into a point slightly over the arm and from there into the second round of it. Then do 6-7 stitches on top of it and order them with your needle in order to get them lying all side by side to each other.


  1. R: 6 sc into magic ring, then sl with red yarn
  2. one round of sl with grey yarn

Do a chain fitting around the waist of your doll. Then take the last chain out again to make it a bit tighter. Fasten the chain to the other side of the belt with a sl. Do one row of sc back and fasten of with a sl to the buckle. Put your belt on your doll and sew up all ends.

That’s it. You’re done with your personal superhero!

By the way, here is a video tutorial on that pattern:

You may sell any product made with the help of this pattern, but please don’t copy and share it. You may of course link it to your blog or social media. When selling products you made from it or linking it, please name this blog as source. Apart from that, I will be more than happy to see your results on my facebook-page,or if you tag me (@Flausch_Einhorn) on Twitter or Instagram.

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