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How to crochet a caramel macchiato cup

What would you think about a caramel macchiato that never ends? One that you can always cary around with you, that keeps your thoughts warm and your lips smiling? Doesn’t that sound great? Well, that’s exactly why I designed this caramel macchiato amigurumi. Depending on the yarn weight it makes a wonderful keychain or charm or your little ones can use it as toy in their play kitchen. Sounds all pretty good to you? Well, then let’s start right away!

You need:

Less than one skein of yarn in a color you like for the cup, even less white yarn and a little bit of caramel colored yarn.


Crochet hook, which is a bit too small for your yarn (I use 2,0 when 3,0 is recommended)

Needle, scissors and all you need for feeling comfortable when crocheting.


dec = decrease

inc = increase

sc = single crochet

sl = slip stitch

bpsc = back post single crochet


  1. R: 6 sc into magic ring
  2. R: 6 inc (12 sc)
  3. R: [sc, inc] 6x (18 sc)
  4. R: [2 sc, inc] 6x (24 sc)
  5. R: 24 bpsc
  6. R: [3 sc, inc] 6x (30 sc)
  7. R: [4 sc, inc] 6x (36 sc)
  8. R: [5 sc, inc] 6x (42 sc)
  9. – 17. R: (9 rounds) 42 sc

Cut yarn and weave in the ends.

Milk foam

Start with white yarn behind the 16th round of the cup:

  1. R: 42 sc (use the small horizontal loop behind round 16)
  2. R: [5 sc, dec] 6x (36 sc)
  3. R: [4 sc, dec] 6x (30 sc)
  4. R: [3 sc, dec] 6x (24 sc)
  5. R: [2 sc, dec] 6x (18 sc)
  6. R: [sc, dec] 6x (12 sc)
  7. R: 6 dec

Cut yarn and weave in the ends.

Take the caramel colored yarn and do one spiral of sl foloowing the spirals of the rounds you crocheted with the white yarn. You can do your stitches into each round of the milk foam or you can only use every 2nd round. If you choose the latter you have to change rounds, when you come to your starting point. When you reached the top, cut yarn and weave in the ends.


  1. R: Crochet 4 sc in a tiny square directly to the side of the cup where you want the upper part of the handle to be.
  2. – 10. R: (9 rounds) 4 sc

Cut yarn and use the end to sew the downside of the handle to the cup so that it forms a nice arc.

Ready you are with your caramel macchiato charn or keychain!

P.S. If you want to crochet a small loop to it, in order to use it as keychain, you find a 1-minute-tutorial for it on my Instagram Account

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