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Photo-Tutorial: Eyes for Crochet Dolls

I have been working a lot on the design of crochet dolls lately. Those of you who not only follow this blog but also my Instagram or Facebook account might have noticed that already. But, however, it takes quite a while to write a whole pattern for a doll and even longer to test it. So today I want to share a tutorial for what I think to be one of the most crucial details – the eyes:

To create the eyes you see in the first picture you’ll have to:

  1. stitch on a pupil with black crochet thread. Start between the 2nd and 3rd hole in front of an sc counting from the one in which you crocheted 3 sc in order to form the nose.
  2. surround the black pupil with brown (or whatever eyecolour) thread at least 2 times
  3. do one large stitch from the 2nd hole in front of an sc (conting as before) to the middle of the 1st and the 2nd whole after the pupil. Go to the topmost part of the pupil with your needle and do one stitch to fasten the surrounding of the eye.
  4. do 3 or 4 stitches to form the eyelashes and fasten the surrounding at the same time, then redo the surrounding line once more and fasten it with tiny stitches which should not be seen (like the very first one on the peak of the pupil)
  5. add one tiny stitch of white thread into the pupil to let the eyes come to live.

Video Tutorial of how I do the faces of my crochet dolls (switch on English subtitles!):

Have fun working on this magic look for your crochet doll!

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  1. Maria Bunkley says:

    hello love the eyes…do you have a tutorial video ?

    1. Flauscheinhorn says:

      Thank you 🙂 No, sorry, I have no video. Unfortunately I have no experience at all in doing videos via Youtube or something alike. Maybe I should give it a try. If I manage, I can send you a mail, if you wish.
      All best,

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