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Crocheting for Christmas Part 2: Free Crochet Pattern Minion Stuart Keychain

Stuart1I do not know anybody who knows and does not love the minions from the pixar movies. For example the boyfriend of my sister-in-law is really fond of them. And, to be honest, so am I. So as she asked me wether I could design a crochet keychain version of minion Stuart for her sweetheart, I did not hesitate a second. If you too know somebody to give this friendly little guy to as christmas present – here comes the pattern for you.

You need:

A little bit of yellow yarn – I chose Catania from Schachenmeyer which is a thin cotton yarn

A little bit of blue yarn

Tiny bits of black, white and brown yarn

Hook size 2.0 (or whatever fits your yarn)

If you take thicker yarn and hook, your Stuart will be a bit bigger, if you want him to be even smaller, take thinner materials (My Stuart is about 3,5cm high without legs).


sc – single crochet

sl – slipstitch

ch – chain

inc – increase

dec – decrease

Let’s go:


In yellow:

1. Round: 6sc into a magic ring
2. Round: 6 inc (12sc)
3. Round: [sc, inc] 6x (18sc)
4. – 14. Round: 18sc

In blue:

15. – 20. Round: 18sc
21. Round: [sc, dec] 6x (12FM)
22. Round: 6 dec (6FM)
23. Round: 3 dec

cut yarn and sew up the ends


Start in the second blue Round with blue yarn and make a slip stitch and a chain to attach the new yarn. We will now work in rows.

1. Row: 5 sc
2. Row: 1ch, 5sc
3. Row: 1ch, 5sc

cut yarn and sew up the ends

We now start at the upper corner of the bib with 1sl and then continue with slip stitches to form the braces. Your slip stitches should end slightly aside the middle. Start anew at the other side of the middle to get a crossing and end at the other side of the bib with 1sl.


cut yarn and sew up the ends


1. Round: Crochet 2sc in brown and 2sc in yellow into a magic ring. (You will end up with the typical Stuart expression. If you want to crochet any other minion start with 4sc in brown)

2. Round: inc the 2 brown sc in white and the 2 yellow sc in yellow (8sc) sl to finish of the inner eye (again for any other minion work all the inc in white)

3. Round: Add a round of sl in black to form the glasses

cut yarn and sew up the ends

Start at the right side of the eye with 1 sl and continue with ch around the head. When you think your chain fits the head, finish of with 1 sl at the left side of the eye. Then sew the eye to the body.

Feet and Hands (4 x)

In black:

1. Round: 4sc into a Magic Ring
2. Round: [sc, inc] 2x (6sc)
3. Round: inc 3x (3sc)

cut yarn and sew up the ends

Now crochet the hands to the body with a chain made of yellow yarn (6ch), and the feet with chains made of blue yarn (5ch).

Do mouth and hair with black yarn as follows:

To create the mouth you do 3 straight stitches underneath the eye and 2 half cross stitches to the right side

To create the hair do 3 long straight stitches to the right and 3 long straight stitches to the left as shown below:




In brown:

1. Round: 6 sc into a Magic Ring
2. Round: inc 6x (12 sc)
3. Runde: [sc, inc] 6x (18 sc)

Start a second circle:

1. Round: 6 sc into a Magic Ring
2. Round: inc 6x (12 sc)

Crochet the two circles together by doing 1 round of sl around them

Crochet a chain of 6ch to the top of the smaller circle and do 5 sc starting with the second ch from hook working your way back to the small circle. Attach the neck to the body of the guitar with 1 sl.

cut yarn and sew up the ends

Sew the guitar to the belly of your minion and sew one hand to the middle of the big circle, the other to the back of the neck of the guitar.

Attach a chain to the back of the head and close it to a circle with 1sl.

Now all you have left to do is to put a keychain ring to it and you can either take your little Stuart with you when traveling or give it to your loved ones for Christmas or at any other occassion as a guardian angel.

Have fun crocheting!

I am happy about each comment, question or remark! I would also love to see your crochet work. Feel free to post pictures to my facebook page. I am looking forward to see you there!


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