Link-Tipp: Fluffy the Unicorn

As I know many bloggers are, I am a bit obsessed with my blog statistics. It is just too interesting to see, what leeds you to this blog. A very regular keyterm is „Unicorn Minions“. Well, you do find a Unicorn pattern on my blog and there is a pattern for Stuart, the Minion. But you will not find the Unicorn which Agnes wins in the very first „Despicable me“ movie. That just wouldn’t be my style of amigurumi, I fear. But to help those of you who are desperately searching for „Fluffy“ the Unicorn, I have a link-tipp. On the wonderful crochetblog „One dog woof“ you find a pattern for a very much alike Fluffy Unicorn. To be honest, I actually find that one more beautiful than the original version. But this is not the only nice pattern on that blog, so you should really have a look at it!

Für dich vielleicht ebenfalls interessant...

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