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Crocheting for Christmas part 4: Rudolph Christmas Tree Ball

Unbekannt(5)I promised you some Christmas patterns that provide you with ideas for both – advent calendar and Christmas Tree. We started of with a Christmas Tree Ball in form of Frosty the Snowman, now here comes somebody absolutely essential for Christmas. Of course it is Rudolph the rednosed Reighndeer! I hope you like the cute little guy and have fun crocheting.

Of we go:

1. Round: 6 sc into a magic ring
2. Round: [sc, inc] 3 x (9 sc)
3. – 4. Round: 9 sc
5. Round: inc 4, sc 5 (13 sc)
6. Round: [inc, sc] 5x, sc 3 (19 sc)
7. Round: [sc 2, inc] 6x, sc (25 sc)
8. Round: [sc 3, inc] 6x, sc (31 sc)
9. – 12. Round: 31 sc
13. Round: [sc 4, dec] 5x, sc (26 sc)
14. Round: [sc 3, dec] 5x, sc (21 sc]
15. Round: [sc 2, dec] 5x, sc (16 sc)
16. Round: [sc, dec] 5x, sc (11 sc)
17. Round: dec until the ball is closed

Cut yarn and sew up the end


Left ear
1. Round: ch 4
2. Round: sl in 2nd chain from hook, sc, 3 sc in last ch, sc, sl

Cut yarn and sew up the end

Right ear
1. Round: ch 4
2. Round: sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc, sl in last ch, sl, sc 2 in last ch

Cut yarn and sew up the end


1. Round: ch 21

2. Round: sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc 3, put ch 8 into a loop and tie ch no. 5 and 8 together, crochet sc 3 in the ch on the bottomside, then 2 sc in the last ch, sl 3 on the other side, form another ch 8 loop and sl it together, then put sc 3 into the ch on the bottom and 2 sc into the last ch, sl 9 all the way to your first starting point.


Cut yarn and sew up the end

Now stitch the eyes on with 2 cross stitches in black on each side. Then stitch on the nose with red yarn and simple stitches.

Got it!


As always, this pattern is a prototype and could contain some errors. If you realize something is wrong, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try to fix it asap.

You may sell any product made with the help of this pattern, but please don’t copy and share it. You may of course link it to your blog or social media. When selling products you made from it or linking it, please name this blog as source. Apart from that, I will be more than happy to see your results on my facebook-page,or if you tag me (@Flausch_Einhorn) on Twitter or Instagram.

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