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Fluffy the Unicorn’s Youtube-Channel!

I finally made it. The whole week I have been working on my first video-tutorial and my fluffy crochet channel on Youtube. My very first video tutorial is – of course – about a unicorn. It is indeed the unicorn keychain, because one of you, my dear readers, asked me to do a video on that. So thanks a lot for this little hint, it really opened up a new perspective for me and this blog. I am quite sincere, though, that I did make all of the beginner-mistakes one can make. But after redoing the whole thing quite a few times I found it would do for a first try. Nevertheless leave me a note if you have any tipps and tricks for my next video-tutorial. Of course you can also make a wish for what I should turn into a video next. Bythe way, the voice-over is in German but there are English subtitles. But, I leave you now to watch the very first of fluffy’s youtube videos yourself. Have fun!

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