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Free Crochet Pattern: Children’s Cat Pillow Pixelgraph (C2C Crochet)

I have been thinking about crocheting motives for some time already. I made a blanket for my son once. It is made with dc only and it was quite hard to do the color changes neatly. In fact, it wasn’t really possible and so the blanket ended up in the cupboard most of the time. Then I stumbled upon c2c or pixel crochet and was immediately impressed. Suddenly all possibilities of doing nice motives opend up again. Today, I want to share my very first own design of a pixel graph. It shows the face of a baby cat and of course I designed it for my little one. This graph is quite easy to follow and I think it is doable by crochet beginners as well as skilled crocheters.

You can use all kind of yarn and hooksizes you like. Gauge for this children’s pillow is 1 square-cm per square of your pixel graph. I optained this gauge with a 2.5 hook and matching cotton yarn.

Each C2C project starts in one corner of a square or rectangle. In order to get your first „pixel“ you chain 6 and start doing with a dc into the 4th chain counting from the hook. Then do another 2 dc into the next 2 ch. There you go with your first square.

To do the second row start with ch 6 again and do 3 dc starting with the 4th ch from hook. Then turn your 2nd square so that you get a small rectangle made from two squares next to each other. Fasten both squares together with a sling stitch into the 3 ch from the first square. Go on doing 3 ch and 3 dc around the ch from the first square. You should end up with an angle.

For the third row start once again by doing 6 ch and then 3 dc from 4th ch. Turn that square and fasten it with a sling stitch around the three ch from the first square in the 2nd row. Go on with 3 ch and 3 dc around the 3 ch from the square in the previous row. Follow this pattern until the end of the row.

Continue doing rows with an increasing number of squares like this. Follow the above graph in order to see were you should change colors. For changing colors pull the other yarn through when doing the sling stitch.

Once you reached the full length of one side of your graph, stop starting with 6 ch. Instead you turn your work and go back with 3 sling stitches. Then you do 3 ch and continue with 3 dc around the 3 ch of the square in the previous row.

Once finished with your graph, it should look like this:

You find my video tutorial on c2c (with English subtitles) here:


Or if you are searching for a video in English language, I recommend the tutorial by Repeatcrafterme:

Have fund crocheting!

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