Crochet Pattern: Medusa-Amigurumi Part 2 – howto embroider big comic eyes for female amigurumi dolls

I owe you a post to complete my medusa-pattern. Of course its once more the eyes which make the doll something special. Apart from rounding up the medusa doll, this pattern is the female version of big comic eyes embroidery for crochet dolls. If you are searching for the masculin version, you’ll find it here. … [Read more…]

Fluffy the Unicorn’s Youtube-Channel!

I finally made it. The whole week I have been working on my first video-tutorial and my fluffy crochet channel on Youtube. My very first video tutorial is – of course – about a unicorn. It is indeed the unicorn keychain, because one of you, my dear readers, asked me to do a video on … [Read more…]