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Photo-Tutorial: Bikini for (Crochet) Dolls


As some of you might have noticed, in addition to this blog, I started a Youtube-Channel. Therefore I am working on a video-tutorial-series on how to do a crochet doll which is inspired by the Disney princess Elsa from Frozen. To give you a little foretaste of that and because the weather is so extraordinarilly nice here up north at the moment, I designed a Bikini for that same Elsa doll. Now she is doing what iceprincesses do – in summer.

I tried to write down the pattern in a very unspecific way so you can use it for any doll. But if you need help figuring out the numbers, just leave me a line in the comments. The letters in the row count stand for unspecified numbers.

You need light blue and white yarn and a matching hook.


1. R: crochet a chain which is slightly shorter than one bikini cup should be in the end.

2. – a. R: crochet rows of sc until you have a square.

B. – C. R: crochet rows of sc which you start just like a normal row, but when you get to the corner you do 3 sc into the last stitch and then crochet down the side. From the second row on continue doing these rows but put only 2 sc into the corner stitch. Stop when your bikini cup has the size you want it to have.

Work the other side exactly alike.

Take the white yarn and do a chain, which is long enough to let you do a tie in the back. Crochet the chain to the first bikini cup in the right downside corner with an sc. Do one row of sc up, do 3 sc into the corner stitch, then do one row of sc across the upper side, 3 sc into the corner stitch, then one row of sc down, chain 2 and then crochet around the other cup in the same way. Do a chain which is exactly as long as the one you startet with.

In the end crochet a chain which goes from one outside upper corner of the bikini top to the other. This chain should be short enough to hold the top where you want it to be and long enough for you to pull it up your doll from the feet to the shoulders (as the head of a doll might be too big to pull it over anyway).


1. R: crochet a chain which fits around the waist, then do a sling into the first ch.

2. – A. R: According to the body shape of your doll you should crochet some rows of sc straight down or add increases on the sides. If your doll has a very small waist, then increase on each side in each or every other row. You might also add 2 increases in the 2nd row and apart from that sc in rows straight down, if your doll has a waist but not a very small one.


B. – C. R: From now on you do back and front seperately. For the backside you decrease 2 in each row until you have only two stitches left in your row. For the drecreases you start your row without a ch and do 1 sc into the second stitch. You end your row with crocheting two stitches together. When there are only two stitches left in your row, you do ch, sc for another two rows. Cut yarn and pull through the end.


B. – C. R: To make the front a bit smaller than the back you decrease 4 in each row. Same as doing the back, you start each row without a ch and do sc into the second stitch. Then you crochet another two stitches together. At the end of your row crochet 2 times two stitches together. When you have only 2 stitches left in your row you do ch, sc for as many rows as it takes to reach the backside. Then you crochet back and front together. Cut and pull through the yarn.

Do one row of shell stitches with your white yarn around the waistline of your bikini panty.

In the end you sew up all yarn ends.

That’s it. You can start off to the beach with your doll, now.

This is my first try of doing a photo-tutorial for a crochet pattern. You liked it? Make me happy by leaving a comment below. You think this is not a good idea for a crochet tutorial? Or you think it’s basically fine but needs some tuning? Even better. Leave your critique in the comments and I’ll improve the pattern.

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